How would you like to have a pen pal? A friend that you conntact only by writing letters to each other. We are sure you all would like to have a pen pal in the good old style - no Facebook, no Instagram, no Twitter, just handwritten letters sent to each other. Real things- pens, stamps, cards, envelopes, inkwell... well, we might overdone it a bit with the inkwell, but you sure get the idea. The truth is that each one of use would love to have someone to write letters to. Someone from abroad to exchange letters with. You could write about your life, about how you live, whether you were polite, or naughty, how you decorate your Christmas tree and what do you want for Christmas. The person would respond how it is to live near the North Pole, how to train raindeers and how to stand a presence of tiny elves, which sing and dance all the time and how he manage to stop elves from strike, which broke out in the factory canteen few weeks ago, when there were no cranberry sauce. Yees, it's true - today you can start correspondence wwith Santa Claus himself! Yes, you can receive letters from Santa Claus right now, a whole bunch of letters, as Santa Claus, despite the relatively tight schedule, finds time to write you a letter.

Letters from Santa Claus are here! And I know what you all might be thinking right now - a tight schedule, say what?! The general opinion is that Santa Claus works one day a year, and the rest of the year hs spends on doing nothing in a pure laziness - and guess what, you could not be more wrong.

Santa Claus has totake care of the entire North Pole - starting with the strikers elves toy factory, to the reindeer that need to be trained every year to be completely able to fly properly from house to house, all around the world, in one night only! And lets  not forget that Santa Claus is a married guy! No woman is happy with the fact that her man smells like a herd of reindeers, or a whole bunch of little elves, that are angry because of the lack of cranberry sauce.

Anyway, back to the main topic - letters from Santa - yes, you can get them now! All you have to do is write to the Santa Claus. Write anything really, and be sure, that he will respond to your letter as soon as he can. Writing letters has become his hobby, sort of. So do not hesitate further, just sit down and get the best pen pal in the world - Santa Claus. And think about why we believe it to be the best person to exchange letters. If someone is visiting every year every corner of the world to hand out gifts to children, he sure is better than Bono. And if someone in their own nameday does the same thing, without expecting any gift or wishes  - it's really a super guy, you are dealing with. So go ahead - write letters to Santa Claus and receive letters from Santa Claus today.

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